What Is Intuitive Energy Healing?........


1)  How does an Intuitive Energy Healing Session Work?

Contact me via email to schedule a session on a specific date and time.


All sessions must be prepaid and booked in advance. 

I provide intuitive healing session appointments in person Monday thru Friday.  I offer phone and email intuitive healing sessions Monday thru Friday. 


I make the connection to the client and begin to ask their subconscious what is causing their chief complaint/symptom/issue.  The connection I have with the client allows me to intuit the answers.  Intuition is defined as an ability to know.  My intuition allows me to know the information stored within your subconscious mind, your heart, and your energy field.  I apply my intuitive skills to every client and gather all necessary information they require to become aware of what is causing their chief complaint/symptom/issue.  The client is then able to release whatever is the root cause of their chief complaint/symptom/issue.

My intuitive healing sessions via email work exactly the same way.  At the specified time and date, I will connect with the client and begin to intuit what is causing their chief complaint/symptom/issue.    As soon as I disconnect from the client, I send the detailed email results with affirmations.  The email option for an intuitive healing session is ideal for those who have worked with me before and have knowledge of how sessions work.  This email option allows the client to have an intuitive healing session while at work, on vacation, or simply not available to see me in person or stay on the phone for an hour or more. 

I also send a detailed email of the patient's results after we have completed the phone appointments.


2)   How do I know if I am being intuited?:


Some clients can actually feel the connection when I begin to intuit.  This can physically feel like a tingling sensation anywhere.  Other clients have described to me that they feel lighter as I am connected to them.  Everyone is different.  During my time connected to a client, I am gathering the information they need in order to become aware of what is causing their chief complaint/symptom/issue.  As I go about gathering this information, the client may feel like they are becoming happier.  As the client becomes aware of the truth (what is causing them to have their chief complaint/symptom/issue) this awareness begins the healing process.  As I go about identifying and releasing the causes, many times clients will need to state affirmations.  Affirmations are defined as statements of fact.  Affirmations are stated during sessions as a way to state facts to yourself.  Everything is energy, including the words we speak.  This is where affirmations come in.  The words you affirm during a session are creating your reality.  It is that simple, yet that powerful. 


3)  What to expect after a session?


It is of the utmost importance that clients arrive to their appointment well hydrated with water, whether their session is conducted in person, over the phone, or via email.  Water conducts electricity.  While having an energy session with me, clients must be well hydrated with water.  This allows for easy releasing of energy.  If clients are not properly hydrated for their appointment, they may not be able to provide me with the information needed to heal.  Water is that important.  As I work in a clients energy field, their energy field is instantly interfacing with their physical body.  This means as I release energy from their energy body, the physical body begins instantly to heal itself.  This healing can express itself as detoxifying.  This means the physical body sheds toxins out of organs and tissues into the bloodstream.  These acidic toxins can overload the liver.  If the toxins are not flushed out with water, they remain circulating within the bloodstream and patients can begin to feel lethargic.  If not properly hydrated before, during, and after an energy session, the client can have a detox where they come down with flu like symptoms.  Most clients report feeling much better, happier, and lighter after an energy session.  This will not be the case for everyone.  How you feel after a session depends upon how much you were able to release at one time.  For some people they show up ready to release it all.  For other people, they can only safely release a certain amount in one session and they require a rest, which is called a processing period.  Processing periods can run from a few hours to days, weeks, months, or years.  Each person is an individual and each one of us is here to heal certain issues.





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