What Is Intuitive Energy Work?........


1)  How does an Intuitive Energy Session Work?

Contact me via email to schedule a session on a specific date and time.


All sessions must be prepaid and booked in advance. 

I provide intuitive energy session appointments Monday thru Friday via Zoom, FaceTime, or email. 

I make the connection to the client and begin to ask their subconscious what is the root cause reason for ________________ (fill in the blank, what is it you are looking to heal at the root level?)  The connection I have with the client allows me to intuit the answers.  Intuition is defined as an ability to know.  My intuition allows me to know the information stored within your subconscious mind, your heart, and your energy field.  I apply my intuitive skills to every client and gather all necessary information they require to become aware of what is causing __________ at the root level.  The client is then able to restore balance.

My remote intuitive energy sessions via email work exactly the same way.  At the specified date and time, I will connect with the client and begin to intuit what is causing ________ at the root level.    As soon as I disconnect from the client, I email the detailed transcript results with affirmations.  The email option for an intuitive energy session is ideal for those who have worked with me before and have knowledge of how sessions work.  This email option allows the client to have an intuitive energy session while at work, on vacation, or simply not available to be with me on Zoom or FaceTime for an hour or more. 

2)   How do I know if I am being intuited?:

Some clients can actually feel the connection when I begin to intuit.  This can physically feel like a tingling sensation anywhere.  Other clients have described to me that they feel lighter as I am connected to them.  Everyone is different.  During my time connected to a client, I am gathering the information they need in order to become aware of what the root cause is for ____________(fill in the blank).  As I go about gathering this information, the client may feel like they are becoming happier.  As the client becomes aware of the truth (what the root cause reason is for _________) this awareness begins the process of restoring balance.  As I go about conducting the session, many times clients will need to state affirmations.  Affirmations are words or sentences used to reprogram the subconscious mind, just as you click "install a program/uninstall a program" on your computer to program it for use. Affirmations are stated during sessions as a way to restore balance.  Everything is energy, including the words we speak.  This is where affirmations come in.  The words you state and affirm during a session are re-programming your subconscious mind, which then enables you to create the reality you desire.  It is that simple, yet that powerful. 





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