CHAKRA ASSESSMENT................$30.00

A Chakra Assessment is done via email only.  This is an assessment of your chakras by me intuitively.  

Chakras covered are:  Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Right Palm Chakra, Left Palm Chakra, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, 3rd Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra, Right Foot Chakra, and Left Foot Chakra.

Chakras are a very complex energy system.  Chakras refer to points or avenues of energy entering and exiting your body.  Chakras spin and remain open if your energy is balanced.  When out of balance, the chakras can stop spinning, which means you have no energy entering into your body.  Chakras can slow down their spinning, which also means you are not receiving energy within your body, not enough anyway.  Chakras can also shut/close.  This shutting/closing requires intuitive energy healing work to find out what the root cause reason is for you to create something to shut/close your chakra(s).  This can all affect you on many levels.  Having an Assessment done on your chakras is like an automotive tune up from your mechanic who assesses your cars performance, makes recommendations for repairs, etc.  A Chakra Assessment is recommended for everyone.  Below you will find a SAMPLE of a Chakra Assessment.  You will receive, as part of this paid assessment, 3 documents exactly as shown below, filled in with specific information about your chakras individually.

Chakra Assessments are booked once payment has been received.  Email will be sent with a date and time for your Chakra Assessment to be done.  You will receive your Chakra Assessment and Recommendation Sheets the same date as your appointment.  No phone calls or followups included in a Chakra Assessment.  If you have additional questions about your completed Chakra Assessment, you can book a 15 minute or 30 minute Reading by clicking tab "Sessions Offered".  Readings allow you to ask your subconscious mind any questions you have.  A Reading is a straight Q&A of your subconscious mind; it is not an intuitive healing session.

Chakras - when fully open and while spinning correctly/full force - keep your energy body in balance, your emotions in balance, and your physical body in balance.  Therefore it is vital to know the function of your chakras, i.e. a Chakra Assessment.  


DISCLAIMER:  A Chakra Assessment does not replace medical advice or diagnoses from a licensed medical doctor.  Seek licensed medical help for any conditions, diseases, or illnesses, as this type of energy work is not a substitute for licensed medical diagnoses.  Instead this work is for entertainment purposes only.

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