Pet Sessions Offered


Pets are like family.  Most people are unaware that pets are affected by energy and that they respond very well to intuitive energy work as well as Reiki.  If your pet has unwanted behavior.....What is causing that?  Chances are, you have no idea.  But your pet can tell you via energy sessions.  I intuitively connect to pets and receive information from them.  The information gained from your pet can allow your pet to restore balance at the root level.  Reiki provides energy work to pets as well.  As we know from being pet owners and from public figures such as Cesar Milan, all animals respond to energy.

All intuitive pet sessions are done via email only.  Provide your pets name and a description of what you would like me to ask your pet as well as any issue you want to address with your pet.  A detailed transcript of your pets session will be emailed to you.


One Intuitive Energy Session via email only...................$40.00


One 15 minute Reiki Session, distance/remote only.......$40.00

PET RESCUE GROUPS:  Always free!  Contact me with your information.  

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