Are you breathing? How much water do you drink daily? What??

Sound like silly questions, right? Are you breathing? Duh, of course I am! Well not so fast. When I was doing massage therapy, so many patients I saw were not breathing. How could that be? The muscles that lift the ribcage when we breathe in were always tight. I would ask the patients outright, Are you breathing? Lots of times patients would come in complaining their shoulders felt like they were attached to their earlobes. LOL. These were indications that they were "shallow breathing", meaning they were only breathing shallow breaths from their upper chest. I would ask patients to be conscious of their breathing in between their appointments. Not surprisingly they would tell me that when they would "tune in", they ALWAYS found themselves to be holding their shoulders up. They had to consciously remember to breathe, and let the shoulders down. Breathing is an action our body does automatically; however, we restrict ourselves when we are under stress and shallow breathe. This is a simple tip but of utmost importance to your overall wellbeing.

Another question I would ask is, How much water do you drink daily? Believe it or not many patients told me NONE!! Wow! Without getting into the entire scientific explanation and the chiropractic angles, water is absolutely essential to our physical body. We are made up of mostly water, so if we are not drinking enough of it we are dehydrated. My holistic physician always recommends drinking half your body weight in ounces per day. So if you weigh 150 pounds, your minimum water intake daily should be 75 ounces. Sounds like alot but not really. Dr. Bradley Nelson states that being properly hydrated in order for The Emotion Code to be effective. Water conducts electricity so it's imperative the day of your session to be well hydrated. Please refer to Dr. Nelson's website for further info:

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese Doctor of Alternative Medicine. Google him and do some reading. Fascinating! Dr. Emoto did extensive research using water crystals under a microscope, before and after certain words or phrases were spoken. The human body is made up of mostly water, so his research shows us through his photographs, just how affected we are by negativity!! Dr. Emoto states that positive words heal, whereas negative words and insults hurt. We all know this because we FEEL it. Dr. Emoto's research shows it. Look at his photographs showing water crystals exposed to the positive words "love" and "thank you", as opposed to "I hate you". Pretty powerful!

So how do you think negative emotions residing in your body, which is made up of mostly water, affect you? Time to release those trapped emotions and/or the walls around your heart folks!! Time to allow positive emotions to flow into you and from you to others!!

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