Heal Your Pain

What is the price you are paying for continuing to ignore physical symptoms such as pain? Most all of us at various times in our lives experience physical pain. We often create physical pain because it's the only way our higher self can get our attention. Most of us live stressful busy lives and our own self falls by the wayside. We create some type of physical pain and if it causes us to now pay attention to ourselves.....what does the pain mean? For most of us, we enter into life with a list of items we agreed to learn from. The list involves other people which we make agreements with as souls to participate in life as whatever type of person we need them to be in order to learn something. Most of these type relationships are what we call karmic relationships. This means the person who volunteered to step up and behave towards you in a painful manner is serving you what you need to release and heal. Nothing is out of order in your life because you are creating it. Pain comes along because you have probably let this learning lesson fester on for a long time. Eventually you need a nudge forward and the nudge sometimes comes as a big shove - especially when the pain level is high. So what's the solution to creating pain that can alter your life for the worse? The solution lies in allowing yourself to heal on the inside. This means whatever is causing your pain, deal with it on the inside as well as the outside.

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