BLOG ARTICLE....What Is It That You Deny?

As we have established in prior articles, denial is a state of mind that kicks in when we are looking to survive something. Whether it's a relationship embroiled in hatred, a crappy job, fighting with loved ones, or something as benign as having a bad inside the state of mind called denial must eventually end.

What happens to those who continue to use denial long after their survival issue has gone past them? What happens is called stress. Stress is the #1 cause of many health-related issues, illnesses, and diseases. If a person is consciously aware they are no longer under threat from a survival-related issue, what causes them to continue denying? Many times it's regret.

Regret is one of the most potent feelings we as human beings can have. Regret alone has the power to fully take someone out. That is not a loaded statement - it's the truth. Living inside the space called regret comes from the mind. The human heart knows each life lesson we agree to take on while here is huge! Life lessons are experienced and once we learn the lesson, we can cross it off our to-do list. This to-do list is called our Soul Agreement. Nothing it your life is happening by chance, because you are creating it, all of it. Not someone

Regret is a heavy bleak type energy that I have helped many clients get to the root of and release. Instead of looking at regret for what it is....a stall tactic....people tend to make friends with regret and this "friendship" grows bigger and bigger. To say that people wind up feeling comfort living inside the space called regret sounds crazy, right? But like any other thought that escalates into a fixed belief, then an addiction, it can really take hold. Regret can eventually grow into remorse. Remorse is a very dangerous space to choose to reside in. All of this can be taken care of if you are willing. You first need to ask yourself.....What do I deny? See what answer you come up with and then ask yourself....What causes my mind to continually deny the truth about ______________(fill in the blank).

I have found that journaling is a really old fashioned way to get in touch with yourself. When you sit with pen and paper in hand and start asking yourself direct questions, you will receive direct answers. For those of you sitting inside the space of regret or remorse, I advise you not to let yourself get too comfortable there. If you have already developed a friendship with either regret or remorse, contact me and book a session to find out what truth you are denying.

For those of you who are able to identify what you are in denial about, I urge you to release it immediately. Living in denial for prolonged periods of your life causes untold stress.

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