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Tarot cards are an excellent way to strengthen - or work out - your intuitive skills. We are all made/created exactly the same, yet many people have lost all intuitive abilities to past life experiences that dimmed their inner light and lowered their level of consciousness. Take for example a person who created karmic relationships in order to balance/transmute/live out their past life karma, which is words, actions, and behaviors from a past life that harmed another. Instead of recognizing the karmic relationship - they instead choose to be a victim and fall - or descend from love - into victim consciousness. This is but one of a variety of examples describing the actual reason for the dimming of a person's inner light and the lowering of their level of consciousness.

Everyone has free will choice here on earth to regain their true power – or live without power, such as victimhood. Those seeking to regain their innate selves are often drawn to Tarot cards. There are many many Tarot card decks available nowadays, which exercise the 3rd eye. Pick a deck that resonates with you, read the instruction booklet, and start interpreting your cards yourself. This is exercise - spiritually. Just as an athlete has to exercise their physical body in order for their physical body to perform a sport, so too must human beings exercise their ability to intuit/know. Tarot cards are a very inexpensive platform that allows everyone to do just that.

Affirmation: I choose to develop long dormant knowing, called – my intuition. 5x

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